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Clan Macrae

CLAN MACRAE : SCOTTISH CLANS – Rooms 101 MacRae History: The name MacRae or the gaelic ‘McRath’ is understood to mean ‘son of grace’ and is commonly thought to be of ecclesiastical origin. The clan name first appears in the… Continue reading

Clan MacDonald

CLAN MACDONALD : SCOTTISH CLANS – Rooms 103 MacDonald History: Magnus Barefoot, the King of Norway, sailed across the North Sea in 1098 to re-establish his country’s power in Celtic lands. He made an agreement with Edgar, King of Scots,… Continue reading

Clan Campbell

CLAN CAMPBELL : SCOTTISH CLANS – Rooms 102 Campbell History According to legend the first ancestor of the Cambells appears in the eleventh or twelfth Century , Smevie or Mervvn, son of Arthur, who became known as ‘the Wildman of… Continue reading