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Clan Lindsay


Lindsay : Gaelic Name: MacGhille Fhionntaig
Motto: Endure forte (Suffer bravely)
Badge: Rue
Lands: Borders, Angus
Origin of Name: Placename, probably Norman

…..The Lindsay clan which has Norman origins has its seat at Edzell, a castle now famed for its garden. The Lindsays of Edzell descend from a son of the 9th Earl of Crawford

…..The name originates from ‘Lindsey’ (island of the lime tree) area in Lincoln in England, from where the original Norman barons moved to Scotland in the 12th century. There are several hundred recorded spellings of the Lindsay name.

…..Baldric de Lindsey held lands in England and in Normandy at the end of the 11th century. Sir Water de Lindseya was made a baron by King David I of Scotland in 1147, after his father had earlier accompanied the king on his return to Scotland. The Lindsay lands at this time were extended in southern Scotland in upper Clydeside and in the Lothians. The Lindsay name then went on to play an important part in Scottish history.

…..Clan Lindsay’s name has always been linked to bold acts of gallantry performed for the sake of Scotland. Sir David’s son Alexander was a steadfast companion of the great William Wallace in his campaigns for the independence of Scotland.

.Septs of Lindsay include: Byers, Cobb, Crawford, Deuchar, Downie and Summers.

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