Clan Macleod


Gaelic Name: MacLeoid
Motto: Hold fast
Badge: Juniper
Lands: Skye and Harris

…..MacLeod of Harris : The Clan claims decent from Leod who was born about 1200 the son of Olaf the Black and nephew of Magnus the last Norse King of the Isle of Man.

…..Throughout the centuries MacLeods have been known for their devotion to their chief, the tenacity with which they have maintained the ancient Dunvegan castle, their appreciation of music and Gaelic lore, their outstanding record in the professions, and their loyalty to one another.

MacLeod of Harris

Septs include : Beaton, Harold, MacLure, MacWilliam, Norman, and Williamson

MacLeod of Lewis – Motto : I Birn Quhil I Se

The clan gained independance from the MacLeods of Harris in the 14th century.
Septs include : Callum, Lewis, MacCaskill, MacCorquodale, MacNicol, Nicholson, and Norrie.