Clan Macpherson


Gaelic Name: Mac a’ Phearsoin
Motto: Touch not the cat without a glove
Badge: White heather
Lands: Badenoch
Origin of Name: Gaelic, Mac a’ Phearsoin (Son of the Parson)
Pipe Music: MacPherson’s march

The MacPherson Clan comes from Lochaber and is one source of the numerous Smith families.

…..The name Macpherson, MacPherson, or McPherson, according to the spelling preferred by individual families, comes from the Gaelic Mac-a-Phearsain and means literally “Son of the Parson”. Mhuirich Cattanach, Fourth Chief of Clan Chattan, was made Parson of Kingussie, and his second son was the first to be called Macpherson.

…..Septs of Macpherson include: Archibald, Clark, Ellison, Gillespie, MacKeith and MacMurdo