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Clan Macrae

CLAN MACRAE : SCOTTISH CLANS – Rooms 101 MacRae History: The name MacRae or the gaelic ‘McRath’ is understood to mean ‘son of grace’ and is commonly thought to be of ecclesiastical origin. The clan name first appears in the… Continue reading

Clan MacDonald

CLAN MACDONALD : SCOTTISH CLANS – Rooms 103 MacDonald History: Magnus Barefoot, the King of Norway, sailed across the North Sea in 1098 to re-establish his country’s power in Celtic lands. He made an agreement with Edgar, King of Scots,… Continue reading

Clan Campbell

CLAN CAMPBELL : SCOTTISH CLANS – Rooms 102 Campbell History According to legend the first ancestor of the Cambells appears in the eleventh or twelfth Century , Smevie or Mervvn, son of Arthur, who became known as ‘the Wildman of… Continue reading

Clan Stewart

CLAN STEWART : SCOTTISH CLANS – Rooms 209 & 204 Gaelic Name: Stiubhard Motto: Virescit vulnere virtus (Courage grows strong at a wound) Lands: Renfrewshire, Teviotdale and Lauderdale Origin of Name: From the High Steward of Scotland Pipe Music: Bratach Bhan… Continue reading

Clan Macpherson

CLAN MACPHERSON : SCOTTISH CLANS Gaelic Name: Mac a’ Phearsoin Motto: Touch not the cat without a glove Badge: White heather Lands: Badenoch Origin of Name: Gaelic, Mac a’ Phearsoin (Son of the Parson) Pipe Music: MacPherson’s march The MacPherson… Continue reading

Clan Macleod

CLAN MACLEOD: SCOTTISH CLANS Gaelic Name: MacLeoid Motto: Hold fast Badge: Juniper Lands: Skye and Harris …..MacLeod of Harris : The Clan claims decent from Leod who was born about 1200 the son of Olaf the Black and nephew of… Continue reading

Clan Fraser

CLAN FRASER : SCOTTISH CLANS Gaelic Name: Friseal Motto: All my hope is in God Badge: Yew Lands: East Lothian, Aberdeenshire Origin of Name: French fraisse (Strawberry) Clan Fraser is a Scottish clan of French origin. Clan Fraser has its… Continue reading

Clan Lindsay

CLAN LINDSAY: SCOTTISH CLANS Lindsay : Gaelic Name: MacGhille Fhionntaig Motto: Endure forte (Suffer bravely) Badge: Rue Lands: Borders, Angus Origin of Name: Placename, probably Norman …..The Lindsay clan which has Norman origins has its seat at Edzell, a castle… Continue reading

Clan Gordon

CLAN GORDON : SCOTTISH CLANS – room 201 The Gordon Clan originates from Berwickshire. Motto : Remaining …..The name Gordon is territorial and the family who took the name are believed to have been of Anglo-Norman descent, moving from the Borders… Continue reading

Clan Colquhoun

CLAN BUCHANAN : SCOTTISH CLANS Gaelic Name: Maca’Chobaich Motto: Si je Puis (If I can) Badge: Hazel Lands: Loch Lomond-side …..Septs : Over the centuries people associated with the area or those who owed fuedal duty to the Laird, and… Continue reading

Clan Buchanan

CLAN BUCHANAN : SCOTTISH CLANS The Buchanan name is Irish, but the clan settled near Loch Lomond in Scotland in the 13th Century. Motto : Clarior Hinc Honos (Brighter hence the honour) Members of the Buchanan Clan include a US… Continue reading