Disco Divas

The year is 1978. Disco fever! Reggie Sole is throwing a party to celebrate the
huge success of disco diva act Marsha Mellow but not everyone is on his side
it seems! Who will sing their swan song tonight? Who can you trust?

Witness an untimely death. Who will be the victim? Who murdered them
and why?

We include a sequence of scripted scenes
that are performed throughout the event, usually right in the middle of the
audience (yes, you could be standing next to an argument or even a fight when
it breaks out!). Carefully constructed clues are provided and the actors are
briefed with a comprehensive array of information so that they can be reliably
interrogated by the audience. Information can be obtained from the actors, from
the clues and from the scenes; the more you dig, the more you find out.

Very Popular with hen nights.