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Glasgow Necropolis

Glasgow Necropolis

The Necropolis in Glasgow is a fascinating Victorian garden cemetery adjacent to Glasgow Cathedral. The Necropolis has been described as a ‘unique representation of Victorian Glasgow, built when Glasgow was the second city of the empire. It is a memorial to the great Glasgow city merchants and the Necropolis contains the remains of almost every eminent Glaswegian of its day.

Located on a hill above, and to the east of, Glasgow Cathedral (St. Mungo’s Cathedral). the cemetery’s paths meander uphill towards the summit, where a dominating statue of John Knox was erected in 1825.

In the Necropolis you will find monuments designed by leading Glaswegian architects including Alexander ‘Greek’ Thompson, Bryce, Hamilton and Mackintosh. Their designs are executed by expert masons and sculptors who contributed ornate and sculptural detail of the finest quality.

Fifty thousand individuals have been buried in approximately 3500 tombs. The Glasgow Necropolis rich in history is very popular with visitors


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