Glasgow Steiner School

Glasgow Steiner School near the Argyll Hotel in Glasgow.

The Glasgow Steiner School is one of 31 sister schools in the U.K. and is the youngest of four steiner schools in Scotland.

The Glasgow Steiner School opened in 1988 in the Phoenix Centre in Townhead and had a variety of homes before obtaining its current
premises in Yorkhill in 1993.

Classes at the Glasgow Steiner School are small and the ratio of teacher to pupil is below the norm. The school has six full-time and ten part-time teachers. The schools curriculum is based on the insights into child development of the Austrian Scientist Rudolf Steiner. (1861-1925)
His principle is to educate the whole child – head hands and heart through a curriculum which strengthens body and soul.

Children travel from all over Glasgow and surrounding areas to attend the Steiner School.

The Argyll Hotel is within a short walk of the Glasgow Steiner School and we look forward to accommodating visitors to the school.

Glasgow Steiner School
52 Lumsden Street
Glasgow, G3 8RH
0141 334 8855