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RSNO Glasgow

RSNO Glasgow

RSNO Glasgow : Royal Scottish National Orchestra

The RSNO stands for the Royal Scottish National Orchestra is Scotland’s national symphony orchestra and the RSNO is based at the Henry Wood Hall in Glasgow. The Henry Wood Hall is situated in Claremont Street in Glasgow’s fashionable West End within a short walk of the Argyll Hotel.

The Henry Wood Hall formerly Trinity Church with its elegant Victorian Gothic spire is a distinctive and familiar feature of the landscape.

The orchestra has been based in the Henry Wood Hall in the city’s Claremont Street for more than 30 years, although it already uses the Concert Hall as a performance base. The RSNO’s base at Henry Wood Hall in Glasgow is also used as its recording venue.

The RSNO is now a 89-strong professional orchestra and wass originally formed in 1891 as the Scottish Orchestra.

The company has performed full-time since 1950 and was awarded royal patronage in 1991.

Shortly after the award it briefly used the title Royal Scottish Orchestra before reverting to its present name Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

The orchestra is committed to performing throughout Scotland and in particular at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Usher Hall, Edinburgh (temporarily Edinburgh Festival Theatre), Dundee Caird Hall, Aberdeen Music Hall, Perth Concert Hall and Eden Court Inverness.

The RSNO is supported by the RSNO Chorus. The RSNO Chorus evolved from a choir formed in 1843.

The RSNO is regarded as one of Europe’s leading symphony orchestras, and has played an important part in Scotland’s musical life, including performing at the opening ceremony of the Scottish Parliament building in 2004.

RSNO : Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Henry Wood Hall
73 Claremont Street
G3 7JB


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