Scottish Clans And Scottish Tartans

Scottish Clans & Tartans

Scottish Clans

The word clan originates from Scottish Gaelic clann
which means “children” and gives a sense of identity
and shared descent to people in Scotland and now indeed
to people from all over the world whose roots originated in Scotland.

A Clan was an early form of social group, as in the Scottish Highlands, composed of several families claiming descent from a common ancestor, bearing the same family name, and following the same chieftain.

Septs is a subdivision of a clan – Some people belong to a smaller subgroup with a different surname, such groups are known as septs of the clan.

Scottish Clans identify with specific geographical areas of Scotland originally controlled by the Clan Chiefs usually with an ancestral castle or manor.

Clan gatherings form a regular part of the Scottish social calander and clan gatherings can be now found as far afield as America and Australia.

Each clan has its own clan tartan usually dating to the 19th century, and members of the clan may wear kilts, skirts, sashes, ties, scarves, or other items of clothing made of the appropriate tartan as a badge of membership and as a uniform where appropriate.

At both the Argyll Hotel and at our Executive Lets we have recently refurbished some of our bedrooms and dedicated them to some of our Scottish Clans. When you visit us you may find yourself in one of the following Clan Rooms.