Here are a number of reviews from various websites and comments that have been left in our Guestbook in reception here at the Argyll Hotel.

Very comfortable, well appointed room. Thanks to the lady with fair hair on duty in breakfast room each day (Linda).


Very pleasant, staff very attentive and nice.


Will come again.

Rating: Excellent.

Paul Davies

We received everything we wanted, no problems during our stay, I can definitely recommend the staff for making my stay memorable.

R. Lowe, Room 18

We have had a lovely stay. Thanks.

Special pat on the back for Linda from the breakfast team.

Peter Anderson

Very pleased. Thanks.

Room 310

Staff very friendly and helpful.

Room 06

All staff very pleasant, friendly + helpful.

Mrs A. Allison

Excellent value for money and so convenient for Kelvingrove Museum.

David R. Barnes, Room 301

Very friendly staff. A pleasure to have stayed here.

Rated everything outstanding.

D. Muklip Edhyary


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