Here are a number of reviews from various websites and comments that have been left in our Guestbook in reception here at the Argyll Hotel.

A warm welcome with good food and service.


I love the feel of Glasgow. The hotel staff was brilliant. When I had an issue with the door, they checked my key and went up to the room with me, so I wouldn’t have to keep walking up and down. A problem was transformed into a positive transaction.

Ian Russ

The duty manager was wonderfully kind and understanding when we arrived to discover we had booked for the wrong date. Front desk was excellent.


We were very pleased with everything at the hotel. The friendliness and willingness to help i. e. phone for cabs etc. If we needed more tea/coffee etc. we could just ask and it was tended to. That was great. I would definitely recommend you to others and return there ourselves. Had no problems whatsoever during our stay. Hotel had everything we needed including maps of the city. All staff were very friendly at the reception and the restaurant.

Carole Shroll

A very pleasant interlude with our travels – was marvellous to have enough tea/coffee for evening and morning.

When bedroom door got locked by accident, they worked it out quickly. Can definitely recommend the night porter – very helpful with the issue.


Room 16

Short stay at the hotel, but impressed with the services.

Waiters at breakfast were very efficient + friendly service.



My compliments for everything, I was happy with all.

Rated everything outstanding.

Room 3

It was an excellent two nights’ stay – all staff were most helpful – could not have been more. Very satisfied for what we needed.


Room 408, Mr Colin Lakver

Very nice in every aspect. Totally satisfied.

Room 107

Excellent hotel. Very convenient and most friendly, helpful staff. Highly recommended. There were no problems during my stay.

Rated everything outstanding.



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