Here are a number of reviews from various websites and comments that have been left in our Guestbook in reception here at the Argyll Hotel.

I would like to recommend the staff at breakfast and reception as fantastic. Sensitive about food to meet different religious or dietary requirements.

Room 307, Quabirul Abdullah

Rated: Outstanding

Very helpful receptionists, very comfortable and quiet room. Was accommodated on request for a twin, a quiet room with a bath. Thank you!

Room 203

Side staff at breakfast was excellent, overall staff very very friendly, would come back and stay.

Margaret Brown, Room 407

Rated: Excellent

Everyone very friendly and helpful.

Daniel Belshaw

Rated: Excellent

Special thanks to Linda from the breakfast staff and Aeneas in reception for going the extra mile and making my stay memorable.

Room 2

Reception staff is fantastic. Excellent service by staff at breakfast. Always the same excellent service. Sensitive to individual dietary needs. Goes an extra mile to give the best.

Mr Abdullah

Rated: Outstanding

Special thanks to Kristy in reception for making my stay memorable and going the extra mile.

Mr D McCarthy

Rated: Outstanding

Breakfast staff was very warm and attentive.

Catherine Dayden

Made me feel welcome from our check-in, staff were amazing and loved the heat. Thank you, I’ll be sure to look you out next time.

Shelley Gardiner

To describe my overall impressions in a couple of words – smiley faces.
Excellent housekeeping – nice people to speak to, excellent breakfast staff and willing to help.

Dr Syed Haider


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