Here are a number of reviews from various websites and comments that have been left in our Guestbook in reception here at the Argyll Hotel.

All staff very pleasant, friendly + helpful.

Mrs A. Allison

Excellent value for money and so convenient for Kelvingrove Museum.

David R. Barnes, Room 301

Very friendly staff. A pleasure to have stayed here.

Rated everything outstanding.

D. Muklip Edhyary

Rated everything outstanding.

Very very good.

Rooms 407 and 208, Anette Welsh

Will recommend the Argyll to Aussie travellers. Thank you for a pleasant stay. I can say the male staff member at reception who welcomed me was most excellent.


A very comfortable stay. Great shower, blow-dryer. Breakfast – excellent variety and very friendly service.


Outstanding service at breakfast, very good info at reception.

Room 18

Nice, clean hotel, cosy bedroom, excellent breakfast.


Staff were all very friendly and helpful. Breakfast was excellent and staff very attentive.

Room 310

Thank you. You have every reason to be very proud of your staff. We will be back. Reception, breakfast in the restaurant and bar staff – friendly, responsive, professional and warm.

Room 106


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