Here are a number of reviews from various websites and comments that have been left in our Guestbook in reception here at the Argyll Hotel.

Though I hardly spent any time in the room (other than sleeping), I was very happy with all aspects of the hotel. Would definitely stay here again. Don’t know the names, but the two girls on reception impressed the hell out of me. Same goes for the breakfast staff the following morning.

Martin Radford

First class cleanliness.

Room 1

Didn’t experience any problems at all during our stay. All staff was excellent.


Great assistance from the receptionist!


We were here for one night. The room was clean and the personnel was friendly.


Lovely hotel, total privacy. Would highly recommend. Relaxed atmosphere, helpful staff. Dining room staff was amazing.

Elizabeth Robb

The receptionist made our stay very memorable.


Lady in the breakfast room was excellent!

Room 16

Keep up your good services. We would like to come back and also recommend this place to other visitors.

Ukaejiofo family

Excellent Stay, very friendly staff. Breakfast staff impressed me as well.

Peter Matthews


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