Here are a number of reviews from various websites and comments that have been left in our Guestbook in reception here at the Argyll Hotel.

We found the room was good value for money. The reception staff were very friendly and helpful. The lady from the Philippines was lovely, a real star.

Lewis Wright

Linda was very helpful from moving the cot to showing us where the room + breakfast room were. Thanks.


Great location, very friendly atmosphere and pleasing traditional Scottish décor. Delicious breakfast, especially the black pudding. The hotel is very well run – I think you have it just right. The breakfast staff were superb – anticipating needs for all customers.

Joseph Smith, Room 10

Staff friendliness was outstanding. Everyone was very helpful. There were no problems during our stay.


All staff encountered were polite and friendly. Good location.


A very enjoyable stay, very comfortable. Food delicious. Staff very friendly. Didn’t stay long enough! :(

Mrs Elaine Postlethwaite, Room 311

Very much enjoyed my stay. Warm and friendly staff. Would definitely stay again! Everyone was nice and helpful.

Tracey Hanley

Would come and stay again. Very nice all round. Love the tartan! Thanks.


Excellent staff + accommodation. Breakfast was amazing+ staff very attentive. Problems with bathroom, sorted asap. Thank you to all the lovely staff for the chocolates!

Thanks for having us!



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