The Doctor And The Professor

Dr White is hosting his birthday party and are you all invited as his special guest!

His aim is to make sure you have a wonderfull evening,but unfortunately for him, someone seems to wants to throw a spanner in the works! Meet the Doctors friends(or enemies). Witness an untimely death. Who will be the Victim? Who murdered them and why?

We include a sequence of scripted scenes that are performed throughout the event, usually right in the middle of the audience(yes,you could be standing next to an argument or even a fight when it breaks out!). Carefully constructed clues are provided and the actors are briefed with a comprehensive array of information so that they can be reliably interrogated by the audience.

Information can be obtained from the actors, from the clues and from the scenes; the more you dig,the more you find out.

Please inquire for dates 01413373313