Yoga Classes In Glasgow

Yoga classes in Glasgow

Yoga Classes in Glasgow : at the Argyll Hotel

Yoga class at the Argyll Hotel include various forms of yoga practice to give the participant maximum benefit of yoga exercises. For example light yoga exercises are to oil joints, keeping them flexible to prevent aches, pain, stiffness, and release tension and improve the flow of energy in the joints. Physical exercises are to improve flexibility, correct poor posture and keep the body in perfect shape and condition. A number of breathing exercises energise every cell in the body, calm and relax the mind, freeing you from low energy level, nervousness, breathing difficulties as well as improve general health and well being.

Our Class is for all levels of fitness and for all ages!

From 6pm until 7pm on Wednesdays

Please book in advance as we only have 10 spaces and they are going fast!
973 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G3 7TQ
Tel: 0141 337 3313 For more information.