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Implementing a green sustainability policy is a great way for our hotel to reduce its environmental impact and demonstrate its commitment to sustainable practices.

Here are some key elements that are included in our hotel’s green sustainability policy:

1. Energy conservation: Implementing energy-saving measures such as low-energy lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and automated energy management systems to reduce energy consumption and costs.

2. Water conservation: Implementing water-saving measures such as low-flow fixtures, water-efficient landscaping, and linen reuse programs to conserve water and reduce costs.

3. Waste reduction: Implementing waste reduction programs such as recycling, composting, and reducing single-use plastics to minimize waste and reduce landfill contributions.

4. Sustainable purchasing: Source products and materials from sustainable and environmentally responsible suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the hotel’s supply chain.

5. Green transportation: Encourage guests and staff to use public transportation, bicycles, or electric vehicles by providing incentives such as preferred parking.

6. Community involvement: Engage with the local community by supporting local businesses, participating in community events, and supporting environmental initiatives.

7. Employee training: Educate employees on the hotel’s sustainability policies and practices, and empower them to take sustainable actions both at work and at home. By implementing a green sustainability policy, our hotel can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and attract guests who are looking for sustainable travel options. It can also lead to cost savings and increased efficiency, making it a win-win for both the hotel and the environment

Sustainability Policy


Argyll Hotel’s vison is to provide an unforgettable home from home experience to travellers. We provide outstanding sustainable accommodation.

On an ongoing basis we look for ways to conserve protect natural resources, minimising wastage of raw materials and energy while providing top class accommodation to our guests.

We have internal annual reviews to assess our progress towards improving environmental performance and take necessary measures to negate any effects.

We keep our guests informed of our sustainability policy and give them option to help us achieve them.



  • We are currently looking into installing solar panels on the roof
  • All our bulbs are led energy saving
  • Our staff are trained to switch of heating lighting in unoccupied rooms.
  • We have a one flush policy, and all our bathrooms are newly refurbished having modern water saving cisterns.
  • We have a switch off policy with the staff and encourage the guest to do same
  • We try to print everything on recycled paper and reuse other side
  • All our menus are on recycled paper
  • We have regular boiler checks
  • We have regular gas checks
  • we only buy energy efficient appliances
  • All our boilers are A rated and installed in the past 5 years



  • We only use compostable packaging
  • All our straws are paper and compostable
  • We recycle all our waste
  • We have our own water filter system for guest’s and we encourage staff and guests to use it to cut down plastic



  • One flush policy
  • Only full loads in our washers and dryers
  • Only full loads in our dish washers and glass washer
  • We have our own maintenance manager to fix all leaking taps etc




  • We do not use any harsh chemicals to clean rooms or sanitise
  • We use a dosing system by innu science for all our cleaning needs which is 100 percent environmentally friendly and biodegradable. We have a dosing system installed so that the right amount of product is mixed with water before its dispensed.

Zero Carbon dining

  • We use schemes like zero carbon dining where guests can pay for planting a tree end of their meal to negate their carbon footprint.



  • All our fruit and vegetables come from barn hill farms which is local, and we only use locally sourced produce.
  • All our salad and microgreens come from the wild heart growers which is 100 percent organic and seasonal
  • All our mushrooms come from the Glasgow mushroom company
  • All our dry good are purchased from green city wholefoods which is cooperative, and we only buy stuff that is locally sourced and seasonal
  • We have our own sprouter, so we do all our sprouts in house
  • Our coffee supplier is Deer green, and we use organic Guatemala which has farm to table certification with full traceability.
  • Our biscuits sugar sachets are all fair trade


Guest contribution

  • We give guests option not to have their towels laundered every day and promote that we have signage in the bathrooms
  • Our housekeeping staff are trained to switch off heating and lighting in vacant rooms
  • We provide compostable takeaway packaging to our restaurant guests to take away leftover reducing food waste.
  • Every week on Sunday we offer our left-over food from the fridges to the staff so they can take it home reducing food wastage (cooked and Fresh food)
  • Every Sunday last 30 minutes we offer mystery bowls on to good to go app so that any left-over food can be given away for a very reduced cost





A Key long-term goal is to be self-sufficient in terms of growing our own food and generating power using solar panels. We also would like to support local conservation efforts and adapt and improve our business practices.


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What our guests say

“First visit to Glasgow”

We have just returned from a 3 night 4 day break at the Argyll.We can not praise this hotel enough. On entering we were greeted by very friendly reception staff. Our room a double was very clean and tidy. The breakfast was wonderful and a member of staff Linda couldn’t do enough.We could order the eggs we wanted and nothing was to much trouble.We would definitely recommend this hotel.

Janet C, TripAdvisor